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Perfect Storm of Professional and Personal Pressures

I was introduced to Alison at a time when a lot of things in my life, both professionally and personally, were becoming very challenging. My sleep was affected and my ability to focus on anything I had to deal with was compromised. It was Alison’s listening, advice, guidance and ability to explain the processes of the mind that helped me achieve enough calmness to start having a useful impact on what I had to manage.

Anybody who has experienced real stress they will know that it can start to engulf everything that you do. With Alison’s help I managed to open up and start to address the source of my stress and map out the best way forward. Together we examined the issues that had to be handled and I could see that I was burdening myself with the unfulfillable expectation of having to deliver instant results to some difficult issues that realistically could take up to a year to resolve. We broke the deliverables into manageable chunks so that I could have the experience of achievement and making progress every week instead of going to bed nightly with the totality of the next years work not yet achieved.
I am happy to report that all of the issues that troubled me are firmly parked in my past but should something trouble me again I know who I would call first!

Chief Executive, multi million pound enterprise