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The story of Alex

I first met Alison about 7 years ago at a time when I was considering what career to choose. I was about 5 years out of school and had several short-term jobs but wasn’t sure what to do. I wasn’t suitably qualified for the professional career I would have liked given my mediocre Leaving Certificate (Irish A level or Baccalaureate equivalent). I was lacking in confidence, direction and inspiration.

One of the things Alison helped me to accept was that my grades from several years before were probably a fair reflection of my effort at the time but not my ability. She helped me confront and deal with how I felt about myself and helped me to go to work on the things in my life on which I had built this low opinion of myself.

With self worth and family relationships restored to better than I had ever before experienced them in my life, I felt excited about the possibility of returning to full time education. I had a new belief in my capacity to achieve academically based on increasing the effort invested and found myself confident enough to apply to university for a degree in Finance. My final degree was First Class Honours in Finance, Economics and Mathematics where I received a prize in each year for top marks in my class and once top marks in the entire faculty.

From there I went on to a postgraduate course in Actuarial Science where I again achieved first class honours gaining me a position with a top five insurer in the Lloyds Insurance market in London.

All this from a chap with a D grade in mathematics at leaving cert level, and the expert coaching that followed. What a transformation!

Alex continues to progress through the professional exams that will enable him to become fully qualified in his demanding career.