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You can be the hero in your own life


Let me start with a big thank you to the heroes I have worked with who have taught me that we are all capable of much more than we often believe possible.

From my earliest days in management consulting the one thing I observed in common in each project was that fear inhibits performance.  It wears different hats; it could be fear of blame or criticism or self doubt of many years standing.  Most of us have experienced it in some form.

Charisma inspires.  Charismatic leaders come across as credible and consistent in what they say and what they do.

Then there are those whose level of achievement is compromised in spite of being technically competent.  They are stopped by fear in taking action to achieve something that matters to them.  It seems that as human beings we will only ever achieve what our sense of self tells us is possible.

The world of quantum physics has taught me that the closer we look at matter, the less there is to see until at the highest possible levels of magnification all there is to see is charged particles vibrating in relationship to one another.

I like to reverse out of there at lightening speed in my imagination back to the scale of human beings and suggest that what is true of matter at the mirco level is true at the human scale.  All of life occurs in relationship; from Atom to Being.

When our relationship with ourselves is compromised, we feel it in every area of our life. It impacts our relationships with other people, with our work and even with the fulfilment of our ambitions.

We were not born to live compromised lives. We were born to embrace opportunity and to live life abundantly. Without being aware of it we have conspired against ourselves to shrink the world to the limitations of our fears and insecurities.

The possibility of transformation from hopeless to hero is yours to grasp

The good news is that the truly astonishing brain in your head that collaborated with you in creating the experience of living you have today has the capacity to renew, refresh and recreate your experience of living and working.

The only thing that may be missing for the transformation of your worldview is a co-pilot who will challenge your mythical thinking and clear the path for you to recreate yourself as powerful in the face of whatever it is you are dealing with.

I have been the co-driver for hundreds of people before you and it will be my privilege to be your co-driver in the journey of a lifetime to free you from the disempowering context of your life and place you firmly in the driving seat,  committed and able to live your life powerfully and satisfied with who you are and what you are achieving. It is highly likely that you will be astonished by the achievements that become possible and the joy that comes into your life when you take the barriers out of the way.