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An end to anxiety and the power of possibility


Modern methods of research in neuroscience using imaging technology are beginning to open up the secrets of the workings of the brain.  Rather poetically, the evidence from these important developments in psychology research chimes with much older ways of understanding and relating to human behaviour.

Love matters and people thrive in supportive environments.

Our emotional wellbeing, in which our relationship with ourselves arises, is formed in the crucible of interaction between of the two sides of our nervous system.

On the one side our nervous system is designed to enable us to be sensitive to and to protect ourselves from threats to our wellbeing.

On the other side, our nervous system is designed to respond to and benefit from the soothing influence of close relationships and love.

Many amongst us seem to have had the experience in this life of having to cope with many threats to our wellbeing but not having the balancing input of loving relationships to support us.  Does this mean that we are condemned to live in a state of fear and loss?

Happily it does not.

When we speak or think about ourselves, we tend to say things like ‘this is the way I am’ as if these ways of being are cast in concrete.

Our brains are amazing organs.  In addition to our innate capacity for self defense, they have a huge capacity for organising massive amounts of information into meaningful patterns we call habits.

Fortunately they also have an enormous capacity for creativity and the generation of new ideas and actions.  While we tend to behave as if past experience dictates the shape of the future we have the capacity to rewrite the damaging story of our past and write in a happy ending.

In short, we have the power to retrain our brains, change our minds and create a whole new range of future outcomes that previously didn’t seem possible.

Hope springs eternal.  It finds its foothold in conjuring with new possibilities.

Coaching will help you identify where you have old habits of thought that are working against your desires.  It will help you transform them so that you can start putting in place new habits that will support you in living the life you want.  You can live free from the disabling effects of anxiety.  You can have a life in which you experience the healing power of love and the fulfilment of your ambitions.