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Winning becomes possible when your brain gives up the expectation of losing!

Whether you are at a pinch point in your professional life or you want to sharpen your performance you have come to the right place.

Are you ready to make an investment in yourself?

The Northern Irish golfer, Darren Clarke (no relation!), after many years a professional golfer was beginning to think he would end his career without winning the Open Championship.  In a moment of inspiration he chose to consult a psychologist about his performance.  I’m not a party to the details of the work they did together but, hey presto, Darren won the Open Championship at his very next attempt.  His knowledge and skill at the game of golf was already enormous and he had already experienced much success. His ability to play golf probably didn’t alter very much at all and didn’t need to.  His relationship with the possibility of winning was transformed.  He could see winning as a real possibility where previously he despaired about the anticipated experience of defeat. His name now will go down in history for winning the Open Championship in 2011.

It is distressing when what you expect from yourself and what you are achieving in the world fall out of sync.

Feelings can get in the way of action and uncertainty can take over from decision-making.  Stress not only impacts your thinking. It also takes over how your body functions.  Alison will help you to understand and manage the mechanisms that lead to those unpleasant feelings so that you can turn your attention to thoughts and actions that make a positive difference.

Alison has many years experience at senior level in the corporate and consulting worlds in both public and private sectors.  She will have a good grasp of the actual experience you have at work coupled with a sensitive capacity to probe to find out what may not be working for you and how to turn that experience around.

She knows that the culture of organisations can be difficult to navigate.

She can help you identify and articulate your own strengths and help you recreate your relationship with yourself.  Together we will devise strategies to enable you to feel empowered at work, to make a plan and achieve your goals.

Coaching could help you if you are;

  • Keen to tune up your leadership of your team
  • Anxious about speaking in public
  • Frustrated that you are not achieving what you know yourself to be capable of in spite of having the skills and knowledge
  • Finding it difficult to deal with criticism
  • Considering your career options whether by choice or by circumstances beyond your control
  • Procrastinating in the face of actions you know you need to be taking
  • Finding it difficult to deal with some other people at work
  • Stressed such that your performance or peace of mind at work is suffering
  • Wanting this thing called resilience

Tuning up the Performance of your Team

Coaching is the ideal context in which to tune up the performance of your team.  Alison will be happy to discuss how this could work for you and your team.