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I am Alison Clarke.  I am a Coaching Psychologist.

I help people find success in the face of failure; courage in the face of fear, calm in the face of anxiety, satisfaction in the face of frustration; joy in the face of loss and improved outcomes in areas of life and work that matter to them.

What does a Coaching Psychologist do?

A coach is someone who works with people to bring out the very best in them. Think of Alex Ferguson who brought the best out of Manchester United for many years. A great coach understands that great performance is possible and has the personal qualities to inspire and encourage that performance from their clients.  A Coaching Psychologist further understands that we are often our own worst enemy when it comes to achieving what we want.  She can help you uncover the hidden pitfalls created by you in the baggage you carry around and be the grain of sand that helps you transform your own limiting opinions of yourself into the pearl that you are. You become a springboard for action and achievement in any area of your life that matters to you.

According to one client, “Counselling made me reflect on what I wasn’t, coaching made me realise everything I already am.”

From being off work with stress and considering quitting her job, this client is loving her life, thriving at work and is a daily inspiration to the young people she teaches.

In addition to the experience of this lifetime, I graduated in Psychology from Queen’s University Belfast, more years ago than I care to mention and have since added a post graduate qualification in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching.

I have been coaching for performance for the last twenty-five years.  What was my natural management style in my own training and development business in Brussels facilitated great results with hundreds of young people who participated in the internship programmes I ran in partnership with Belgian and multinational blue chip companies in travel, tourism, textiles and fashion.

I have worked in corporate and consulting environments in the private and public sectors with household name brands like Proctor and Gamble, European Commission, Maersk, Mars, DHL, NHS, BMW.  In addition I have been involved in projects related to residential and commercial property, mining, corporate financing and technology for e-commerce.

For the last ten years coaching has been my first love.  It enables me to bring together the experience I have had in the workplace with the love I have for enabling people to experience themselves as winners in the face of the challenging circumstances that keep coming at us in this life.

Like many other people I have known highs and lows.  I have been elated by success and deflated by defeat.  I have known love, loss, success and failure.  Each difficult time has added to who I am. They have expanded my capacity for compassion and my commitment to enabling people grasp their own worth and what they have to contribute no matter how inglorious their circumstances might seem.

My Executive Coaching clients have found in me a sounding board that can relate meaningfully to the facts of their demanding lives while also being able to help them identify and transform the ways in which they limit their own capacity to perform, to achieve and to enjoy their experience at work.

In have used my expertise to address the extreme anxiety that many people suffer in relation to flying.  Learn more at

Many people have transformed their lives as a result of this work, finding themselves able to go far beyond their comfort zones not only in respect of flying but in many other areas of their lives as well.

My methods are equally effective with executives, teachers, students, home-makers and parents because they deal with the humanity in each of us with compassion and respect.  They enable you to work back through your own layers to see what actually drives you and give you the power of choice in your own life.

Find out more here about how this can work for you.

Free introductory meeting

I understand that it may not be easy to trust your worries and concerns to someone else, even when you know the time has come to seek support.

I’d love to offer you a free introductory meeting over a cup of coffee. Call me for a chat or leave a message here if you would like me to call you. If you live far from Belfast, Northern Ireland, we can have that introductory chat by phone, Skype or Viber.